Company Culture
Concentration, concentration, specialty
Has been, arrow always persistent working to improve employee satisfaction, to stabilize the team by the employee satisfaction, basis, gradually establish, improve and finally realize the arrow career since and consistent core business philosophy - heart, dedicated, professional.

◆Attentively ARROW will focus on lighting the field of electronic products, intentnesses. Always along the close correlation between the extension line of development, not only the future of electronic lighting technology, like a T5, hid, led system into enough attention, to traditional electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic ballast, electronic transformer based products were the continuous innovation and improvement.

◆Absorbed ARROW will always focus on the core competitiveness of products to enhance. Not only attention to products of the intrinsic performance, function and appearance of innovation, pay more attention to in the production process of continuous of products, production process, equipment, tooling and other professional reform, meet and form a truly belongs to Anshang characteristics, can not copy the product.
◆professional ARROW will adhere to the wisdom and vision of the cohesion of the professional, the correct assessment of customer needs. Optimization scheme, the simplest, most practical, the most efficient means of combining professional standards of regulation, not limited just to meet the customer's basic needs, committed to creating with professional arrow symbol is a symbol of quality assurance, value and ensure the high price products.

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